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Choosing the Right Bike

A bike is a major purchase. With thousands of bikes on the market, your choices are endless.

Don’t let that overwhelm you. The Parkersburg Bicycle staff can help you decide on a bike that will meet your needs.

Among bike-shop quality bikes (brands like Trek, Gary Fisher, Cannondale, Specialized, Giant, Raleigh, to name just a few), the quality level is comparable across brands. And, for the most part, you’ll be able to find similar offerings at similar price points across brands.

So, if major bike brands have so much in common, what’s the big deal?

Fit and feel. Although most bike brands use similar methods and factories to build their bikes, each manufacturer’s specifications and frame geometries differ greatly. This results in each brand having its own feel.

Just as different brands of jeans and running shoes fit some people better than others, it’s a good idea to try a couple of different bike brands to see what feels best for your body.

Follow the links below to learn about some of the most common types of bikes. Then, armed with information, come to Parkersburg Bicycle and test ride some bikes.

Bike Styles

Kids Bikes

  • Kids on BikesFrom tiny bikes for the toddler set to full-featured mountain bikes, kids have a lot of bike options these days

  • Options for parents include handlebar-mount baby seats, rear-mount baby seats, trailers and more

  • Parkersburg Bicycle's Kids Bike Trade-Up Program helps you keep your kid on the right size bike -- click here to learn more


Girl's Bike

Women's Bikes

  • Woman on Road BikeDecades ago a “women’s frame” bike had a sloped top tube so that a lady would not have to lift her leg over the top tube of a regular bicycle frame. This was originally to accommodate skirts and dresses.

  • More recently, many bicycle companies began offering a full range of mountain, road, hybrid and other bike types that truly are designed specifically for women. The frame geometries take into account the things that are different about a women’s body, such as height and relative arm, leg and torso length.

  • Many women’s bikes also feature specialized components that better fit a woman’s body, such as short-reach brake levers, drop handlebars with a  shorter reach, suspension forks designed for lighter riders, and low-profile grips.

Click here to learn more about women's specific bicycles.


Women Mountain Biking

Cyclocross Bikes

  • Cross RiderFeature the light frames and drop handlebars of road bikes, combined with knobby — but skinny — tires.

  • These modified road bikes are well-suited for the rough conditions and many forced dismounts found on cyclocross race courses

  • In addition to their intended use (cyclocross racing), ‘cross bikes are popular among seasoned cyclists who like to ride the full range of road conditions — from paved to unimproved — on the same bike

  • Also good for commuting


Fisher Cross Bike


Touring Bikes

  • Touring BikeSimilar to road bikes, but with enhancements made to handle long trips with lots of gear

  • Frame geometry is more relaxed than on a road bike, providing a comfier ride and improved handling under heavy load

  • Has broader gear range than many road bikes, and can handle wider tires

  • Braze-ons on the frame allow you to attach panniers





BMX/Freestyle Bikes

  • Comfort RidersSmall sturdy frames are built to withstand the punishment of jumping, tricks and more

  • Positioning of bars and saddle set the rider's weight back, allowing the rider to throw the bike around, do wheelies, etc.

  • Optional pegs allow rider to do peg tricks and grinds

  • Optional gyro braking allows bars to spin 360 degrees for tricks

  • Frame size and component mix result in a low-profile ride that stays out of the way for clean jumping, spinning, etc.



Comfort Bikes

  • Comfort RidersSuspension seat posts, gel-filled seats, upright handlebars, soft handlebar grips, easy-to-read gear indicators, and cushy tires make for a comfy ride

  • 26" wheels put the rider’s center of gravity closer to the ground than hybrid bikes (which have larger, 700-centimeter wheels), making some riders feel safer and more confident

  • Smooth-rolling tires provide stability and control

  • Best suited for paved roads and paths, crushed-stone rail trails and gravel roads



Trek Navigator

Hybrid Bikes

When people talk about "hybrid" bikes, they're usually referring to bikes with upright positioning and 700-centimeter wheels (the same size wheels a road bike has). There are two main categories of hybrid bikes -- performance and recreational. Read on to learn about the two main types of hybrid bikes.

Hybrid bikes – Recreational

    Recreational Hybrid

  • Designed to provide the upright positioning of a mountain bike with the smooth ride of a road bike

  • 700-centimeter wheels with moderately narrow tires provide a quick, quiet ride

  • High-rise handlebar reduces neck and shoulder fatigue for some riders

  • Most offer an adjustable stem, allowing the rider to adjust the handlebar height and cockpit length

  • Most offer many of the same features found on comfort bikes (suspension seat posts, gel-filled seats, upright handlebars, soft handlebar grips, easy-to-read gear indicators)

  • Wide range of gears and suspension forks smooth out the ride

  • Best suited for paved road riding (and paved bike paths)


Trek 7200


Hybrid Bikes – Performance

    Performance Hybrid

  • The lightweight feel and speed of a road bike is combined with upright positioning to create a bike that’s great for hard workout rides or serious commutes

  • Lightweight frames and rigid forks make for a light machine

  • Frame geometry combined with flat handlebar creates a rider position that is similar to that of a road bike, allowing the rider to engage more muscles when pedaling and be more efficient on the bike than is possible with a recreational hybrid

  • Wide range of gears

  • Light 700-centimeter wheels and narrow tires roll fast, have little friction and are easy to accelerate

  • Best suited for paved road riding (and paved bike paths)


Trek FX

Road Bikes

  • Road CyclistFrame geometry puts the rider in an aerodynamic, efficient position

  • Drop handlebars give the rider several positioning options

  • Light 700-centimeter wheels and narrow tires roll fast, have little friction and are easy to accelerate

  • Wide range of gearing can handle steep grades

  • Best suited for paved road riding (and paved bike paths)



Trek Madone

Mountain Bikes

Mountain bike ride

  • Fat, knobby tires provide traction and control in dirt and mud

  • Suspension forks (and sometimes rear suspension) make logs and rocks less intimidating and reduce whole-body fatigue after a long ride

  • Low gears make steep hills climbable

  • Powerful brakes put the rider in control

  • Most mountain bikes have 26” wheels, but 29” mountain bikes are gaining popularity

  • Best suited for riding off-road or on dirt or gravel roads


Fisher Mountain Bike


Three Reasons to Visit Parkersburg Bicycle

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